I thought that I am too old, but found out that I am not!!! 
My strength, stamina, heart rate, muscle tone and most importantly my motivation and mood have improved significantly as a result of training at DEFINE,
even though I am let's say it - "over 55". I really did not think that is was possible. 

Over the years, I have joined gyms to weight train, hired personal trainers, participated in Pilates and yoga. 
I did not like weight training at the gym by myself; I liked the personal trainers but did not like the expense and the lack of social interaction;
And I enjoyed the Pilates and yoga but did not feel motivated or invigorated.
I tried running and TRX but hurt my knee and as a result did not work out much for about two years because both my knee and hip bothered me.
Pilates helped a bit but just didn't do it for me. And then I signed up for a free trial class at DEFINE and that is where I stayed and will stay.
It works for me!  Through spinning and gravity I get a full body workout, while enjoying the company of a small group of great people, as well as a professional trainer.
The trainers are excellent: they are motivational and fun; they vary the workouts so they don't become humdrum; and they are always in an upbeat mood. 
Class sizes are small so you receive personal attention regarding correct form and technique. 
The entire feeling and character is that of a social community of professional trainers who are very well qualified,
share their expertise and care. I can't thank them enough!